Top acoustic white wall panelling corridor
Top acoustic wood wall panelling auditorium
Top acoustic wall panelling finishes
Top acoustic wall panelling with insulation



Topakustik is an architectural system of sound absorbent wall and ceiling acoustic panels designed for the highest levels of visual appeal and sound quality.

The characteristic visual feature of Topakustic is grooved timber sheets providing a distinctive aesthetic appeal over large areas in theatre auditoriums or conference halls and in smaller more strategic contexts in boardrooms and other office applications. A choice of groove patterns is available allowing different visual effects from a light textured surface to distinctive ridged appearance. In addition a more simple and subtly perforated panel is available for a lighter conventional wood panel finish.

Research increasingly shows that sound quality has a significant effect on well being in public and commercial environments. Topakustik provides the solution of combining excellent and tested reverberation absorbtion as well an additional visual design feature.



Fantoni earned a permanent place in the history of furniture making when the Series 45 range was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1974.


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