Sistema28 / XL – Long Bench Desk

XL long white bench desk
Xl very long bench desk to seat sixteen people
Sistema28-XL white desk
Sistema28-XL cable tray flap
Xl cable hatch closing system
Sistema28-XL desk wood screen close-up
Sistema28-XL acoustic office storage

Sistema28 / XL – Long Bench Desk


Ideal for large office spaces requiring optimum modern design solutions to meet current needs, the XL range sits highly for its simple design and high quality finish. An engineered laminated top provides a smooth and sufficient work surface finished with sleek high impact edging. A range of customisable storage options include high and low cabinets, under desk drawers, staff lockers and file drawers to achieve a suitable organisation system for each bench desk.

Desk cm (seats) / 420 x 165 (6) / 560 x 165 (8) / 700 x 165 (10) / 840 x 165 (12) / 980 x 165 (14) / 1120 x 165 (16) / 75h
Colour / white / misty grey / oak / walnut
Material / laminated engineered wood with matching high impact edge
Extras / dividing screen
Storage options / high and low cabinets / under desk drawers / staff lockers



Fantoni earned a permanent place in the history of furniture making when the Series 45 range was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1974.


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